Full Detail Package

Express Detail

A comprehensive service – and our most popular.

•Wheels washed with a PH neutral wheel cleaner

•Wheel arches degreased and pressure washed

•Paintwork pre-rinsed with a 29 ºC pressure washer

•Exterior wash using the two bucket method using

 a PH neutral shampoo cleaner

•Shampoo rinsed off

•Microfiber soft towel dried

•Door Jams cleaned

•Interior de-odorised

•Ashtrays cleaned and litter removed

•Tires cleaned and dressed

•Carpets, seats and boots vacuum cleaned. (Price can increase depending on how dirty it is)

•Windows and mirrors cleaned and dried using paper towel





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Starting At $149.00 CARS  $159.00 SM SUV  $169.00 LRG SUV                       


The package includes everything in the Express Detail package plus:

  • Shampooing of carpets, floor mats & upholstery

  • Leather seat cleaning & conditioning

  • Door panels cleaned & conditioned

  • Dashboard, Cupholders, center console, Steering column & wheel are cleaned & conditioned

  • Tires & Wheels Arches are Cleaned & Dressed

  • Wheels are cleaned & blown off then wipe down

Wax applied over all painted surfaces of the vehicle for protection

Starting At $170.00 For CARS $185.00 SM SUV $199.00 LRG SUV



Auto Detailing, Car Detailing, Full Detail Package, mobile Detailing, Antonio Details

This package includes everything in the Full Detail package plus:

  • Stage one Decontamination of surface paint

  • Paint sealant is applied to the entire exterior of painted surfaces 

  • Tires cleaned & conditioned


Staring At $299.00 For Cars $310.00 For Small SUV $330.00 For Large SUV





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